The Digital Library of Montenegro is a project of the National Library of Montenegro “ĐurđeCrnojević“ thanks to which the most valuable copies of library materials from the collections ofthe National Library were digitized and presented and in which old and rare books,manuscripts, documents, newspapers, magazines, maps, posters and art , music and videomaterial are being preserved...The aim of this project is the protection of original documents and their presentation in digitalform, i.e. ensuring their availability to the widest circle of users from the whole world via theInternet.Most of the material on the Digital Library portal has been digitized in the Center forMicrofilming and Digitization of the National Library, which was established in 2008 within theDepartment for the Development of Library Activity. Some of the most important titles ofMontenegrin periodicals, such as Glas Crnogorca, Crnogorac, Crnogorka, Grlica, weremicrofilmed in this Center, but also it was scanned more than 400 titles of periodicals, old andrare books, manuscripts, photographs and posters.The Digital Library of Montenegro project was implemented with the help of the Ministry ofCulture of Montenegro, and in accordance with the National Digitization Program, which wasadopted by the Government of Montenegro in 2008. The purpose of the National DigitizationProgram is to provide a uniform approach to the digitization of library materials in Montenegro.The program is focused on a long-term digitization strategy, and its goal is to encourage theimprovement of institutional, technological, professional and organizational infrastructure fordigitization projects.